Our mission is to bring decentralized, immutable Blockchain technologies to the logistics and freight industry, advancing and enhancing supply chain transparency, and enabling trusted global freight, fleet and logistics transactions management.


Traditional Logistics vs. New

Blockchain is a shared, distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.

With traditional methods for recording transactions and tracking assets, participants on a network keep their own ledgers and other records in systems that do not always integrate. It is clearly inefficient due to delays in executing agreements and the duplication of effort required

Distributed Ledger
By using a Distributed Ledger, your data is secure, decentralized, and enables partner integration and peer-to-peer replication
Smart Contracts
Permission based semi-private Smart Contracts allow for your business relationships and partnerships to be mirrored
Instant Settlement
FactR means that you get paid fast, like, right away! Pay less factoring fees and lower your receivables overhead.
Our Intelligent TMS, and integrated App make the entire end-to-end process as hands-off as possible. Easy is good.

See FactR in Action

A demo version of FactR is available for anyone to try! Signup to get your access to your own demo wallet,
or click the link below to try the open public demo.

Demo Wallet


Simple, Sophisticated

Our platform brings the best of Intelligent Transportation Management solutions and technology. We worked hard to make Freight and Fleet management simple, sophisticated and in a way that just makes sense.
Familiar Interface, Drilldown Analytics
Easy to Use, Advanced Features
Fast, Secure, Trusted with Blockchain
Instant Payments, Lower Costs, Blazing Performance

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How it Works

FactR Escrow based digital wallet is integrated with the RoadLaunch Intelligent Digital Logistics platform enables simple yet sophisticated transactions for freight carriers and shippers.
This occurs with little to no change management, instant cross-border settlement, and up to 95% automation.

In Detail

Freight orders are matched with certified carriers and digital capacity. Escrow based smart contracts are generated and updated in real time with RoadLaunch and Hyperledger.
The FactR digital wallet is integrated with the RoadLaunch Intelligent Digital Logistics platform. Freight carriers and shippers, & finance partners have visibility to permissions based digital documents, & transaction history.
Powered by Stellar, FactR provides instant cross-border settlement, audit, transaction validation & reconciliation. We pay fast, instantly and for fractions of a penny, anywhere in the world.
Less Manual Work
Have your team work on what matters, not creating docs and sharing updates
Integration and APIs
Have a system and want to use our Hyperledger, TMS or our digital wallet, sure, no worries
Mobile App
Use our mobile app for your team & partners its simple, fast, free
Instant Payments
Get paid right away, in cash or using a FactR token. Instant settlement, trust, lower fees for your invoices


Our TMS & App has it all

Take advantage of our our mobile app for everything from points of interest, quotes, intelligent load matching, real-time track & trace, to quotes and dispatch management.

With a FactR Wallet, freight payments are instant, are trusted by the Stellar Blockchain.

Save thousands in traditional invoice factoring and receivables overhead with FactR.

FactR is Here

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Asset domain : factrpay.io

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