Next Generation Cross-border Settlement & Fast Smart Contract Capital Solutions

The FactR Advantage

Efficient global trade of physical goods relies on availability of three key factors: credit, solid logistics and transparent payment.
We focus on supporting companies with lowering payables overhead, increasing working capital and providing access to trusted transaction management. By doing this, we will drive trust and automation in transactions, lowering operations costs and enabling instant finance settlement.

FactR saves organizations time, cost and headaches in accessing finance, while supporting growth in imports, exports and payment settlement.

Simple to Use

Join the growing list of companies joining our platform.
The FactR interface is clean, simple and allows you to focus on your business, not waiting days & working with complicated tools

  • Simple yet Advanced Dashboard & Analytics
  • Get Certified in minutes with our Finance Partners
  • Automatic Smart Contract based Wallets
  • Get Certified in minutes with our Finance Partners
  • View Balances, Escrows, Transaction History & Payments
  • Create & Upload Invoices with digital Document Upload
  • Get funded instantly, with up to 95%, no waiting 90 or 120 Days

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Trade, Supply Chain & Factoring

Importers, Exporters, Invoice Factoring - Simple, yet sophisticated finance options
Up Front Funding
Smart Contract based up front financing, backed by finance partners, up to 95%. No waiting 30-120 days, no hassles
Smart Credit Terms
Smart credit terms and digital documents. Instant payments, trusted transactions, lowered cost & smart cash flow
Multi-Fiat, Immutable
Access to multi-fiats, immutable data for audit/reconciliation, & Smart Contracts, & low risk exposure
Digital Wallet & Certification
Finance partner certification, Smart Contract escrows. Get access to funding from $500K to $50M in a digital wallet


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Becoming a FactR user is fast, simple and easy, send us a message today and we will work with you to change:

  • Credit based cash flow facilities, invoice factoring
  • Intelligent workflows and digitization
  • Instant cross-border settlement
  • Blockchain based audit, reconciliation & commercial terms
  • Multi-currency transactions, lower interest rates
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